You are cordially invited to the opening of

Depicting A Generation

Cynthia Wang and Keith Chang

Date : 27th September 2019 @ 7pm

Venue : Zion Fine Arts Gallery 9 Jalan Kukoh #03-75 – Singapore 160009

We are familiar with the saying that the artist is a conduit of time. Over generations, the artists have sought to represent their perspectives of the world through successive movements and innovations. With each new generation, new ways of seeing and new ways of being seen were brought about.

In a way, the millennials of today are no different from their predecessors. Yet, we see an air of mystery surround the poised and self-assured youths of today. With instantaneous access and unlimited knowledge, they face unprecedented freedom as well as challenges. It is no secret that we are drawn to and intrigued by the millennials, both fearful for their unpredictable future and envious of their privileges.

In Depicting a Generation, Cynthia Wang, a young talented painter pairs up with Keith Chang, a multi-disciplinary artist to present their idiosyncratic views of their own generations. Cynthia’s oil portraitures of radiant youths are displayed in an atmospheric ambiance of Keith’s light and sound installation that evoke the millennial sentiments.

The purpose of this exhibition is to allow the artists plurality of views on their generations and to express and counterbalance each other’s medium and artistic processes. The selection of differing mediums and methods also draw out the essence of each young artist’s practice.

Just like the young artists it presents in Depicting a Generation, Zion Fine Arts gallery is brand new. Through this exhibition, the gallery celebrates its official launch and express its enthusiasm and support for young artists of Singapore and South East Asia.

Depicting A Generation exhibition is open to public for viewing from 28th September to 15th November 2019.


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