At Zion Fine Arts, we want to share the joy of experiencing Art with the public. As Art lovers, we want to increase the public’s engagement with the Arts community, Artists and institutions in meaningful ways in order to foster greater appreciation and understanding between the public audience and the Arts. Art is therapy to us and we wish to share this experience with the public. Our Mission is to provide opportunities for emerging artists, nurture and care for the art community and reveal the narratives that make up who we all are.

We believe that care and support for young artists is tantamount to enduring relationships within the arts community. By working with emerging artists from Singapore and SEA, we want to present Art that tells the story of the artists and the communities the world over.

We want to encourage new collectors as well as experienced collectors with fresh perspectives from the emerging talents of SEA and Singapore. We aim to share that joy and love for Art with the local and international audiences. Zion Fine Arts also provides year-round educational and holistic art programmes for all age groups and levels. It is our belief that Art helps us to cope with life.

We are currently located in 9 Jalan Kukoh, a quiet neighbourhood sandwiched between Robertson Quay and Chinatown.

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