Zion Fine Arts was founded with the goal to have “ A Christian artwork in every Christian home”. We believe that having a Christian themed artwork or artworks on the walls of our home will be a visible reminder of our Christian faith and a good witness to friends and relatives visiting our homes. Your children too will grow up fondly remembering that special Christian painting!

We strive to offer quality Christian themed artworks at affordable prices to bring meaningful art and beauty to every Christian home. Please browse through our collection or better yet, come down to pay us a visit at our centrally located gallery at Block 9 Jalan Kukoh (just across the street from the Manhattan Building at Chin Swee Road). If you do not find a painting that you like, we can customise a painting of your favourite Bible story or scene at a very reasonable price. For a small add-on fee, you can also have your favourite Bible verse lettered onto the painting.

We specialise in customising Christian art for nurseries and kids rooms. Children are blessings from God and we believe in the power of art to inspire and excite their imagination. We also believe in the importance of art as a teaching tool that will encourage our children to see the beauty of God’s work from a young age. We can also arrange for art sessions for your child at our gallery.

Apart from our own Christian artworks, we are seeking local and international Christian artists to consign their artworks for sale at our gallery.

Through Zion Fine Arts gallery, we hope to spread the word of God through art and fulfil our hope of having Christian art in every Christian home. We invite you to be a part of our journey :).

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