Zion Fine Arts is the first Christian art gallery in Singapore, dedicated to providing quality-themed Christian artworks. Our gallery’s collection ranges from the depiction of well-known Bible stories and parables, and breath-taking landscape sceneries of the Holy Land. Our hope is to spread the word of God through art, and to inspire the placement of Christian-themed art pieces in every Christian home.

This contest was put together to provide a space for artist/s to share their talents and use his/her creativity to create a unique mural painting that shows the amazing love and grace of God that will serve as a reminder to foster inner peace and faith.

The artist/artists that is/are selected to paint the winning design will execute the piece in a prime location at the busy street of Nutmeg Road in Orchard. It can be an entry by a solo artist or a group collaboration. Aside from a great opportunity for an exposure, the winning entry will receive $3000.


  • The space allocated is on the right outer wall at the first level of Nutmeg Court building.
  • Mural space: 7.50 metres (width) x 2.20 metres (height)
  • All submissions must be original, creative, and have the capacity to be executed on the surface by the
    artist/artists themselves.
  • PRIZE: $3000

Mural space with measurement


  • Due date for submission of entries: 30 June 2019
  • Entries must be submitted by email to – hello@zionfinearts.com
  • Submitted file must be in jpeg format, adhering to the mural size proportions and not less than 300px resolution. The wall space is 7.50 metres (width) x 2.20 metres (height).
  • Download the entry form and send together with the art jpeg file.


  • The Zion Fine Arts team will collectively decide on the winning design that aesthetically look best together and highlight the Christian faith. The winning piece will be announced on 8 July and will be painted on the designated wall by the artist/s on the following week.
  • In the event that the original chosen participant/s can’t see the project through the next phase of preparation and painting, the Zion Fine Arts team have the right to choose and award the prize to another winning entry. The prize will be given to the winner/s after the successful execution of the mural art.
  • All submissions will be kept by the gallery for future art opportunities with the permission of the artist/s.


  • Location: Zion Fine Arts (building wall), Nutmeg Road, Orchard Area
  • Wall space: 7.50 metres (width) x 2.20 metres (height)
  • Zion Fine Arts Pte Ltd will retain the rights to remove the art at any time or keep the art for longer than the
    company desires.

Mural map


The organizer will…

  • Prepare the area, power wash + primer white
  • Provide the winner with an allotted budget to purchase paint + basic supplies to execute the winning entry. Basic supplies include paint or spray paint, primer, basic brushes, and paint rollers. A ladder will also be provided if needed.

As the winning artist/s, you are responsible for…

  • Specialty brushes, sponges, or stippling brushes for certain painting techniques.
  • The artist/s must be prepared with the right equipment and provide materials if the items are beyond the allotted budget for the paints and basic supplies.
  • The artist/s can bring their own equipment – hats, umbrellas, water, chairs – everything they need to successfully and comfortably complete the work.
  • This project is likely to get messy, so an appropriate clothing, aprons, and goggles are also a good idea to have.


Release of liability:

  • Artist/s will be required to sign a release of liability to start any work

Organizer’s prep:

  • The organizer will be responsible for cleaning and prepping the surface, spackling any cracks, and walls will be primed with white primer paint.


  • The artist/s will work directly with organizer to establish a schedule for painting the mural, starting on the 3rd week of June.
  • Once selected, artist/s has 1-2 weeks to complete the painting.
  • With the summer heat, be aware of harsh weather conditions, safety when using ladder, or being around harsh painting fumes for extended periods of time.
  • Working during late hours may be a safety issue. We will not be providing security for after dark painting. But rest assured that the location is at a safe area in Orchard.


The chosen artist/s must understand the right steps of scaling a small drawing to the mural space of 7.50 metres (width) x 2.20 metres (height).

  • One technique is to divide the design and the wall into proportional grids (via Arte style of painting). Another technique is to bring own projector, which will display the design directly on the wall surface. This is up to and provided by the artist/s if she/he chose to do so.
  • The chosen artist/s have the freedom to execute the chosen entry in any technique.


All are to be sent directly to hello@zionfinearts.com
For more details, call 6100 3338 or email hello@zionfinearts.com


Contest Entry Form  |  Rules and Criteria