Zion Fine Arts is a modern, forward-thinking art gallery dedicated to providing quality Christian artworks and contemporary paintings. Our Bible Stories collection depicts Christian tales and folklore and our Holy Lands collection features breathtaking biblical landscape sceneries.

We are the only Christian art gallery in the region which focuses on biblical-themed paintings. We strive to offer quality Christian artworks at affordable prices to bring meaningful art and beauty to the masses. At Zion Fine Arts, we are leading the charge to bring modern Christian art to fellow Christians so that we can all express our beliefs and purpose through art.

We also specialise in Christian art customisation so that you can have art that is personal and unique to you. Whether it is painting your favourite scene from the Bible or hand-lettering your most treasured Biblical verse on your painting, we believe in providing the best Christian artworks for you that you feel most at home with.

We specialise in customising Christian art for nurseries and kid’s rooms. We believe in the power of art to inspire and to fulfil what we believe in. We also believe in the importance of art as a teaching tool for our children and encourage them to see the beauty of God’s work from a young age.

Apart from Christian artworks, we also represent various local and international artists so that we can show you the best modern, contemporary art. Our gallery is open to all who are interested in art and we would also like to invite local artists to submit their works so we can work together to promote local art in Singapore.

Through Zion Fine Arts gallery, we hope to spread the word of God through art and inspire a Christian art in every Christian home. Bound together through our creative pursuit of art and faith, we invite you to be a part of our journey 🙂

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